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If you are a current employee of St. Vincent’s University Hospital, please respond to any current vacancies via MyView.

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Latest Vacancies

Job TitleCategoryClose DateApplyFavourites
Liver/Pancreas Transplant FellowshipMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Liver/Pancreas Transplant Fellowship
Consultant Radiologist - SarcomaMedical - Consultants2/13Apply for Consultant Radiologist - Sarcoma
Consultant Radiologist - EDMedical - Consultants2/13Apply for Consultant Radiologist - ED
SHO in AnaesthesiaMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for SHO in Anaesthesia
Registrar in AnaesthesiaMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Anaesthesia
Registrar in Respiratory MedicineMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Respiratory Medicine
Registrar CardiologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar Cardiology
Reg/SHO in PsychiatryMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Reg/SHO in Psychiatry
Fellowship in Critical Care RetrievalMedical - NCHDApply for Fellowship in Critical Care Retrieval
SHO in Acute MedicineMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for SHO in Acute Medicine
Registrar in HepatologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Hepatology
ED (Clinical Fellow) Registrar GradeMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for ED (Clinical Fellow) Registrar Grade
Registrar in EndocrinologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Endocrinology
SHO in Emergency MedicineMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for SHO in Emergency Medicine
Registrar in OncologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Oncology
Locum Consultant RespiratoryMedical - Consultants1/28Apply for Locum Consultant Respiratory
Registrar in Breast/Endocrine SurgeryMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Breast/Endocrine Surgery
HPB/Organ Transplant FellowMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for HPB/Organ Transplant Fellow
SHO in ENTMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for SHO in ENT
Registrar Orthopaedic SurgeryMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar Orthopaedic Surgery
Registrar in Infectious DiseasesMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Infectious Diseases
Reg/Fellow in Neuroendocrine TumoursMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Reg/Fellow in Neuroendocrine Tumours
SHO in General SurgeryMedical - NCHDApply for SHO in General Surgery
SHO in MedicineMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for SHO in Medicine
Registrar in NeurophysiologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Neurophysiology
Registrar in MicrobiologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Microbiology
Registrar in Acute MedicineMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Acute Medicine
Registrar in Vascular SurgeryMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Vascular Surgery
Registrar in Cardiothoracic SurgeryMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Cardiothoracic Surgery
SHO in Orthopaedic SurgeryMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for SHO in Orthopaedic Surgery
Registrar in RheumatologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Rheumatology
Registrar in HaematologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Haematology
Catering AssistantSupport Staff2/4Apply for Catering Assistant
Registrar in Plastic SurgeryMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Plastic Surgery
Registrar in GastroenterologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Gastroenterology
Registrar in NeurologyMedical - NCHD2/6Apply for Registrar in Neurology
Senior PharmacistAllied Health & Social Care2/3Apply for  Senior Pharmacist
Senior OT - Acute MedicineAllied Health & Social Care2/2Apply for Senior OT - Acute Medicine
Consultant HaematologistMedical - Consultants2/13Apply for Consultant Haematologist
Clinical Specialist OT StrokeAllied Health & Social Care2/2Apply for Clinical Specialist OT  Stroke
Clinical Fellow (reg grade) in EDMedical - NCHD1/24Apply for Clinical Fellow (reg grade) in ED
Directorate Nurse Manager - CancerNursing2/2Apply for Directorate Nurse Manager - Cancer
Directorate Nurse Manager - HPB/ LiverNursing2/2Apply for Directorate Nurse Manager - HPB/ Liver
Directorate Business/Ops Manager - HPBManagement / Admin2/2Apply for Directorate Business/Ops Manager - HPB
Directorate Business/Ops Manager CancerManagement / Admin2/2Apply for Directorate Business/Ops Manager Cancer
Clinical Engineering TechnicianAllied Health & Social Care1/27Apply for Clinical Engineering Technician
Locum Consultant NeurologistMedical - Consultants1/26Apply for Locum Consultant Neurologist
Supplies Officer Grade CManagement / Admin1/26Apply for Supplies Officer Grade C
ANP/cANP Multiple SclerosisNursing1/24Apply for ANP/cANP Multiple Sclerosis
Locum Consultant HaematologistMedical - Consultants1/26Apply for Locum Consultant Haematologist

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