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If you are a current employee of St. Vincent’s University Hospital, please respond to any current vacancies via MyView.

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Latest Vacancies

Job TitleCategoryClose DateApplyFavourites
CNM2 - PRRTNursing6/10Apply for CNM2 - PRRT
Senior Pharmacist Cancer ServicesAllied Health & Social Care6/10Apply for Senior Pharmacist Cancer Services
Locum Consultant PsychiatristMedical - Consultants6/6Apply for Locum Consultant Psychiatrist
HR Advisor Grade IVManagement / Admin6/10Apply for HR Advisor Grade IV
Grade V - Health Insurance AssessmentManagement / Admin6/7Apply for Grade V - Health Insurance Assessment
Radiology AideSupport StaffApply for Radiology Aide
Senior Physio Ortho InpatientAllied Health & Social Care6/5Apply for Senior Physio Ortho Inpatient
CNM1 - Pancreas & HPB St Luke's 2Nursing6/5Apply for CNM1 - Pancreas & HPB St Luke's 2
Registrar in OncologyMedical - NCHD6/4Apply for Registrar in Oncology
CNM2 - Bed ManagementNursing6/5Apply for CNM2 - Bed Management
Snr Physio Cystic FibrosisAllied Health & Social Care6/7Apply for Snr Physio Cystic Fibrosis
Registrar in HaematologyMedical - NCHD5/27Apply for Registrar in Haematology
Grade VI Officer – Data Analyst ICTManagement / Admin6/4Apply for Grade VI Officer – Data Analyst ICT
SHO-Registrar in PsychiatryMedical - NCHD5/27Apply for SHO-Registrar in Psychiatry
Locum Consultant RheumatologistMedical - Consultants6/4Apply for Locum Consultant Rheumatologist
Freedom of Information CoordinatorManagement / Admin6/3Apply for Freedom of Information Coordinator
Medical Social WorkerAllied Health & Social Care6/3Apply for Medical Social Worker
Chef - Grade IISupport Staff6/3Apply for Chef - Grade II
CNM3 - Out of Hours (0.5 WTE)Nursing5/31Apply for CNM3 - Out of Hours (0.5 WTE)
CNM2 Palliative Care - PAL MEDNursing5/31Apply for CNM2 Palliative Care - PAL MED
Patient Safety&Clinical Risk AdvisorManagement / Admin5/29Apply for Patient Safety&Clinical Risk Advisor
CNS - Hepatocellular CarcinomaNursing5/28Apply for CNS - Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Clinical Nurse Manager 2 - HPBNursing5/28Apply for Clinical Nurse Manager 2 - HPB
Snr Pharmacist Deputy Dispensary MgrAllied Health & Social Care5/27Apply for Snr Pharmacist Deputy Dispensary Mgr
Senior OT - ICUAllied Health & Social Care5/27Apply for Senior OT - ICU
Senior Dietitian Cancer CareAllied Health & Social Care6/7Apply for Senior Dietitian Cancer Care
Senior Dietitian GI & SurgeryAllied Health & Social Care6/7Apply for Senior Dietitian GI & Surgery
Staff Nurse - All DepartmentsNursing5/31Apply for Staff Nurse - All Departments
Registrar in NephrologyMedical - NCHDApply for Registrar in Nephrology
Registrar in EndocrinologyMedical - NCHDApply for Registrar in Endocrinology

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